Being the rebound in dating

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Being the rebound in dating

Leave this man on the shelf and search for other options while he is going through the rebound phase.You very well may be a dynamic woman with fire works shooting out of your ears but if you are attracted to a man who is on the rebound, you are setting yourself up for rejection.Many women believe that they can love and nurture a man back to life and that when he decides to get over his ex, he will see her and realize all along that she was really “The One.” Usually it doesn’t work that way.

A man on the rebound may only see that you want to hang out like his ex and cheat on him as well.The negativity that was present in his last relationship has now shifted to you and you will have to deal with the after shocks.You are sticking your hand in fire expecting not to get burned if you choose to date a man on the rebound.He is guarded right now because he doesn’t want to feel the pain he feels ever again which means that this man is gun shy and not looking for a commitment.You will do better taking your heart somewhere where it can be received then to hope, wish and pray for an emotionally unavailable man to receive it.

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Right now all he is searching for is a lifeline in the form of a distraction to take his mind off of her.

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