Dana workman dating jack osbourne

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Dana workman dating jack osbourne

Next, Jack and Dana investigate the old silver ore mining town of Tonopah, Nevada and home of the Tonopah Mine which suffered a major fire named the Bellmont Fire in 1911 and is haunted by the ghost of miners and the ghost of a murderous prostitute called, "Bloody Babs".Jael and Devin travel to Lexington, South Carolina to track down a supposed snake-like "lake monster" that's said to inhabit Lake Murray since it was first spotted in 1933 by some fisherman while fishing near Dreher Island.I've wanted to investigate some of America's scariest cases. I've put together two teams--myself and my researcher Dana and my friends Jael and Devin. This is what we discovered and it completely blew my mind. In the series premiere, Jack and Dana go to Garden City, Utah, and search Bear Lake, (located at the Utah/Idaho border), for an alleged reptilian lake monster, so-called the "Bear Lake Beast," that is described by eye witnesses to be 20 feet long.The following footage was shot entirely by investigators. Meanwhile, near Vergas, Minnesota, Jael and Devin investigate sightings of an 8-foot tall, 300-pound hairy man said to be lurking in the nearby forests.They also visit "Ghost Lake" which is haunted by pillars of mist believed to be the Lenape Native Americans who were massacred by Dutch settlers.Jael and Devin travel to Iowa City, Iowa to investigate the Oakland Cemetery that features a statue called "The Black Angel of Death" which was erected by a woman rumored to have killed her husband and son and it's said to curse those who touch it with failing health.

Meanwhile, Jael and Devin travel to Jasper, Arkansas to investigate the Ozark Howler, a giant cat-like creature, sometimes called the "Devil Cat," that allegedly prowls Camp Wallpac.

They also visit Chestnut Grove Cemetery where the 92 passengers who died in the train crash were buried near the bridge's designer Charles Collins who committed suicide soon after.

Next, Jack and Dana head to Belvidere, New Jersey to investigate a stretch of highway called Shades of Death Road that is the home of several local legends including hooded figures and ghost lights.

features paranormal investigators looking for legendary ghosts and beasts around the back roads of America.

Although the show attempts to create a lot of suspense, there really isn't anything scary visible.

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Haunted Highway (originally called Paranormal Highway) is a paranormal investigation, reality television series, produced by BASE Productions, that began airing on the Syfy network 3 July 2012.

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