Difference between christian courtship dating

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Difference between christian courtship dating

She may just be waiting for you to take the lead in this relationship. The only path to true joy in this life is in following the one that God has intended for us. And pray that your eyes may be opened to her and that her eyes may be opened to you!I have kept you, Dave, in my prayers since I first received this email from you.You may discover right off the bat that you are not meant for each other.Remember that when a courtship ends up in discerning you are not called to marriage with each other – it has not failed.

To establish guidelines, you really need to discuss these ideas together, early on in a courtship.

While you may very well discern that the age difference is not an issue for you, this young lady may have real reservations about entering into a courtship with a man so much older than her.

I encourage you to direct her to this posting on my website if that is the case.

It has done what it was intended to do – provide a time of discernment.

And in that case, the fact that you reserved your physical expressions of affection for each other will allow you to walk away without regrets.

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There may, however be other issues that lead her to discern that she is not called into courtship with you for the time being (or ever).