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Kimora lee simmons dating

Baby Phat clothing queen, wife of multi-millionaire hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, and force of nature, 29-year-old Kimora Lee Simmons lives larger than large and tells it exactly like it is: she’s no trophy. She was wearing a pink Baby Phat micro-mini, four-inch heels, a Kabbalah bracelet, a white Baby Phat tank top, and no bra. ”At an event for Power 105.1, a New York radio station, where Kimora was appearing, I asked some of her fans what they thought of her.“She’s got money,” one said.“I’d like to know how she gets it,” said another.‘I represent luxury,” says Kimora.But the hardest thing she’s ever done might be her marriage, what with all the bitches going after her husband (and him always stealing her razor).‘Oooooh, I like this,” said Kimora Lee Simmons, staring at herself in a mirror at the Louis Vuitton store on St. She was modeling a new Louis Vuitton bag, but could have been talking about the whole effect of Kimora-and-bag. Kimora is 29, a former supermodel, the wife of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, and the self-styled First Lady of Hip-Hop. Barth’s, two nights before New Year’s Eve, Kimora was looking very well. On her finger there was a 30-carat “Asscher-cut” diamond ring, the kind of thing you don’t see, until you see it, and then you can’t help but see it. “And that’s what I love.” Many of the recent Baby Phat ad campaigns have been shot at the Simmonses’ 49,000-square-foot home, in Saddle River, New Jersey—a French-exteriored hyper-mansion with 15 bedrooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a movie theater, a beauty salon, a gym, and a 30-foot-high “great room” full of interesting art (a collaboration by Warhol and Basquiat, a painting by “the black guy,” says Kimora, Tony Gray). Her bi-raciality (she’s half black and half Japanese) is now a part of how she markets Baby Phat to its target audience, multi-ethnic women and girls. “They like my house, they like my cars, they buy my clothes—get it? The designer Karl Lagerfeld once called her “the face of the 21st century,” and his muse.Barth’s in 1998, Kimora says, one of these women stole her bridal shoes, hiding them in some grass, she thinks. “All the girls that were telling me he was no good had slept with him or were trying to sleep with him, I later learned. Kimora gets very intense when handling or discussing handbags or diamonds.I won’t name names.…“I am not the kind of girl that gets in trouble,” Kimora said. Or shoes.“” She opens a heavy brown shoe box to show me the shiny brown stilettos she’s also buying tonight.“You will never find somebody who can say, ‘Well, I don’t like that bitch. “I thought about buying them, but then I didn’t, and they kept them for me,” she says quickly, reverently stroking a shoe as a smiling French saleswoman looks on.

“I think that’s reasonable.”“I want that one,” says Aoki, pointing to a large sapphire on a diamond chain. “She has diamond toenails,” Ming says, instructing me to add them to my picture. ,” Kimora yells, after Oseary leaves, to the various nannies and assistants trailing us, too. ”Russell and Kimora are “very competitive,” says Mc Cue. Adman Donny Deutsch, Brett Ratner, and Universal Records honcho Sylvia Rhone are all confabbing.“See that man over there,” Kimora whispers, “that white-haired man?“My doctor says it’s having an unhealthy relationship with food. To try to get herself to eat, she’s often surrounded by food, plates of takeout sushi, or her favorite, Red Lobster, which she says she grew up on back in St. The Simmonses’ chef John told me, “I cook mostly for the children and the staff. “Our Christmas tree was like the tree from Rockefeller Center,” she told me.After I had my babies I was thick.” It was at the same meeting that Kimora pulled down her jeans so that several (female) designers could see the Victoria’s Secret thong she was wearing, as inspiration.“I’m just so, so—” she said at the meeting, waving her hands in the air. ” She’s had a very full schedule lately: Designing the faux-diamond-encrusted jeans and mohair-boot fashions of Baby Phat (which was sold in 2004 to the Kellwood Company, a clothing conglomerate, reportedly netting Kimora million; she stayed on as creative director). It’s easy because ‘Mr.’”—Russell, that is—“he’s hardly ever here.”Kimora has been under the care of a nutritionist, Oz Garcia, the “nutritionist to the stars.” “He saved my life! “It was ” She said she saw Aoki looking up at it, and she thought, “What kind of a life am I setting up for her? It’s just about making them, like, not be assholes, which is what I think any parent would do.”At the Simmonses’ last Halloween party, a party for kids, there was a hayride going around and around their long circular drive. A former Social Security administrator, now a resident of East Hampton, she was dressed in an orange knit sweater and black pants and held a Cosmopolitan.Russell and Kimora are hip-hop’s Ozzie and Harriet, or perhaps Ozzy and Sharon, a pop-cultural institution.And yet that doesn’t keep “the bitches,” as Kimora calls them, from trying to make moves.“Women come up to him all the time,” she complains. Like knowing full well that you are married and you have a life and you have a family, and they want to flirt and rub their booty in your face.…

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Barth’s, on the beach, where she’s lying naked except for a pair of Armani sunglasses and a Gucci bikini bottom. (“We didn’t do anything until I was 18,” Kimora demurs.)“Tyra was like, ‘Leave her alone. She’s not like those floozies that you know.’ All the girls were telling me to leave him alone.

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