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And since somebody forgot to put a sponge on your head, it's extremely painful and takes like 5 tries. Granted, but then typing becomes obsolete, and computers are linked to minds. Granted, but he chokes and dies, so when the wish is traced back to you, you get a lethal injection as you are still a Pokemon. A wave of stupidity travels across the globe like an epidemic.Which you don't know how to do, becuase you've spent too much time learning to type. And since you were ALREADY a ghost-type, you cease to exist all together. I wish I could get back at the one person I hate the most, ruin their life haha~332 Granted, you're better at drawing now.Granted, but you contradicted yourself because Purgatory IS nowhere, so you must advertise Starburst while you are in your nowhere, which I understand defeats the purpose of haviing a nowhere to go to. Nomura can't appreciate it because his brain is a Starburst. I wish my secret base was in a different nowhere.granted, but all your base are still belong to us, so we still have your base. I wish that I had all the gameboys and games laid out nicely in my room, not suffocating me, and could reach all of them.Granted, But you start a game on one of the blue versions, and save it.I wish the world to be thrown into a paradoxical volcanic someone say Nomura's bulbasaur? You have just destroyed both one of history's greatest poets AND the evolution of the English language. I wish for a magic fish that I can whack my enemies with.567 Granted, the rain remains suspended in the sky by some mystical force.Granted, you battle with it once and it glitches and becomes a missingo destroying every one of your blue versions. The next day, the rain has frozen up and turned into a giant glacier (or hailstone, whatever tickles your pickle.) and falls on you. I wish someone would make a Magikarp meme.674 Granted! Granted, I am a teletubby but when I try to get on the show I scare all the little children into comas, so I get fired and live the rest of ky days trying to get a job and raise three little teletublets on a less than minimum wage job, thanks a lot jerk, now what am I gonna tell my spouse... Granted, Though because your so gorgeously awesometastic everyone wants a piece of you literary and in which so you a ripped apart but a raging mobs bare hands.I wish for enough money to buy those wicked awesome steampunk goggles on clockworkcouture.com(this is actually Nomura, just don't feel like changing the name on this guy's computer)Granted, He did, but It happened anyway. I wish I could have been here to stop the spamming of my art thread. Your wish negates the paradox, which makes you wish to be immune to paradoxes created by paradox wishes, and youre stuck in an eternal paradox.

However, you're so good that you become flooded with requests to draw things. I slash the pie down from the sky in the aforementioned post on part 2. T~T25 Granted, but you develop a taste for blood and start a murderous rampage until finally, you are arrested and sent to prison for about 3 months until you are executed with an electric chair. XD140 Granted, but due to the change in the laws of physics, Peter disintigrates immidiately upon entering our world, and now he has no means of even talking to you, as you killed him with your wish. Granted, but the only thing that seems to be "working itself out" is people becoming more ignorant. I wish people don't hate me for the fuckery I accidentally unleashed. I think you really like to bring her into anything involving me, no? I wish Peter from Fringe was real, and wanted to bang me.As you hear the doorbell ring, you rush to the door, eagerly anticipating the package which contains your beloved companion cube inside. )Granted, the visitor count is now 0 because the Dollars never existed.... I really wish I didn't get ninja'd(Dammit) and to have a lovely dinner.393 Granted, but whenever you do this, you go to Purgatory, where you'll find anything and everything that doesn't exist.I wish for the ability to become a writer in any franchise I want. Remember how your mom told you that monsters don't exist? I wish for the ability to open portals with my mind. Purgatory already has those things because they don't exist and 2. Nomura, I really hope you don't ninja me again...436 Granted, but the mindfuckery of what you could do destroys you at your very core.

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Granted, you get another apple, but I try to shot an arrow at it, miss and accidentally hit you. I wish that I that I will get the 836th post so I can wish for Yatahaze's story.824 Granted, he derps out, takes 827 and forgets that his goal was 837. However, you realize how full you are and in your attempt to not waste food, you force it down. And I can't just blow up for breaking the universe either. You just off the top floor of the casino to avoid the mafia grunts that are being sent after you.

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