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New York is dropping the banhammer on registered sex offenders. Scheiderman, today announced that 3,580 online accounts belonging to sex offenders have been struck from online gaming networks--or at least had their communication privileges revoked--as part of "Operation: Game Over." The state had cooperation from Microsoft, Sony, Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros., Disney, and Apple, all of whom agreed to the account purge.

This business model is known as a "velvet rope" because it entices kids to play for free, but then ropes them into making purchases.

"Our partnership with the Office of the New York Attorney General helps further this cause." When asked for comment, an EA representative told Game Spot, "This was an [Entertainment Software Association] initiative; EA is a member." An ESA representative then commented on the program, saying, "Our industry welcomes appropriate efforts allowing people of all ages to play games in a safer environment.

Online gameplay with friends is a social experience and we encourage parents to be aware of what games their children are enjoying and with whom they are interacting in the virtual space.

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This is the first time the law has been invoked relative to online gaming.

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