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On the other hand, you could spend some more money and sign up with a dating service that caters to the needs of young and busy professionals.Such services not only do the job of screening out undesirable candidates, but may even do a background check on potential partners, so that you are not taken for a ride.In fact, a walk through a history museum or an art gallery may not even take more than half an hour.Just look suitably thoughtful and amble up to that smart-looking visitor to ask her opinion on the style of the Impressionists.Dating services Everyone seems to be going online these days to meet the date of their dreams.But those who have tried dating websites, will tell you that it is a hugely time-consuming affair to match up with a suitable date.Most of them allow their members to meet just once or twice a week and in any case, you can go for them over the weekend.Do or learn something that interests you and will not require too much concentration.

TIP: This website has many single attractive women looking for wealthy men. If you are too busy to pursue a hobby on your own, sign up for a special interest class.Grocery store Even a busy professional like you must be going out some time to stock up on food supplies.So the next time you visit your nearest grocery store, look for women who are doing their own weekly shopping.Learning a new dance like the salsa will not only release those endorphins, but also give you the delicious chance to hold the comely fellow student.Upscale bars If the only kind of socializing that you have time for is to have a drink with friends at the bar, at least choose one which is part of an upscale hotel.

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