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In contrast, when I signed up for a VK account while writing this article, I had no fewer than 50 different boxes I could fill in on the profile (and VK repeatedly recommended that I fill them in while I browsed the site).

Because it collects so much data, VK is able to truly narrow down its millions of users to find the person you are looking for based on any information that you have about them. One piece of information that was learned after the VK database was posted online was that many of the leaked passwords were stored in plaintext by VK (not nearly as secure as most online password storage guidelines recommend! Because of this storage system, the passwords were analyzed by leakedsource.com, who found that over 700,000 people used the password “123456” and another 400,000 used “123456789” (other popular passwords included “qwerty,” “1111111,” and “123321.” Obviously, the leak never should have happened – but this is definitely a good reminder to make sure that your password is strong and secure! This is an interesting demographic shift, given that Facebook’s users are mostly ages 35 and up, and the platform is losing younger users to social media apps Even though VK’s origin story is very similar to Facebook’s (a university student named Pavel Durov created it for other students to stay in touch with classmates), it has had a much more complicated trajectory.

In a world where every social media platform is vying to be the most relevant platform across countries and demographics, VK successfully targeted a single geographic area and became wildly successful because of its ability to tailor its platform to the needs of its audience.

While it’s unlikely that too many existing platforms will follow in its footsteps, there is a lesson to be learned from this approach for new social media apps and websites being developed – maybe broad-based appeal doesn’t need to be the goal! If you’re a VK user, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

In the study mentioned above, VK designers give the following reason for their design choices: VK’s search function is, again, similar to Facebook.

That being said, Facebook has largely moved away from prompting users to add a significant amount of personal information in profile forms (moving more towards the visual Timeline featuring photos and videos).

While many social media sites are used for activism, in 2011 Russian authorities asked Durov to shut down several pages dedicated to activist groups within Russia.

VK receives over 50.2 million unique visitors per month, and is also very popular in Belarus, Kazakstan, and Ukraine.Advertising on VK isn’t overwhelming in the way it is on many other social media websites.For starters, if you use VK in a language other than Russian, chances are you won’t see any advertisements at all!Not only your personal photos and videos, but also third-party music and videos.Naturally, this kind of free file sharing is considered to be illegal, but no significant steps have been taken against these functions at this point in time.

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The latest update of the app was launched on February 19, 2014 and this application has been set up by over 10K users. The statistics demonstrate that this application is popular mostly among Samsung and Asus users.